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Do you know of another open source SHOE project? We are in the mood of creating high-tech mens footwear on a “made to measure” basis at a reasonable price. We are a small, motivated, international group of engineers, trying to get our production line in place to serve you with individual footwear.
... and always have a lot of fun!

We welcome “You” to our ambitious shoe project

Anatomy of a shoe: The upper part of the shoe is called the shaft, the lower part of the shoe is called the bottom.

The shaft consists of a set of parts:
and a lot of other secrets.

The bottom consists of another set of parts:
and a lot of other secrets.

And after the assembling of all these parts there are a few very important additional steps taken, called the finishing, to create a master piece. It is the shoe shining work that raises the desire for this product.

For a good pair of shoes, every right and ever left shoe runs through a process of about 200 steps. The process chain differs from a minimum of 150 steps, over 212 steps in a very modern lean production, up to 236 steps in a traditional, high quality footwear manufacturing company.

 Initial step of a shoe production is the design. And that is no easy step. Usually the designer prefer to use design tools that give them all the freedom they need for their inspirations to grow on a visible medium. Starting at paper scetches, using paint software, using design software, up to using CAD painting. You can find it all.

After the design is finished, it anyhow ends up in a footwear CAD system. There starts a marrige of creativity with technology that will bear a pair of shoes in the end.

The desing will be attached to a last. The last is a model of wood or plastic on which the shoe will be produced. At first the design will be attached to the last. From this “first” real world model the CAD derives all the leather parts needed for the actual sewing of the shoe.

For every shoe type there is a special last type also. A manfacturer has up to 1800 different last types available for production.  --- read on ---

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It is so much fun to learn new things and to apply the fresh knowledge to the real world. We help you to create your own shoes, while you contribute to our passionate project.
If you have the desire to design your own shoes and want to go the extra mile, you entered the right place. Get in touch with us now. We really appreciate your contributions and will team up to reach YOUR goal.

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