Do you know of another open source SHOE project? We are in the mood of creating high-tech mens footwear on a “made to measure” basis at a reasonable price. We are a small, motivated, international group of engineers, trying to get our production line in place to serve you with individual footwear.
... and always have a lot of fun!

  • Making of shoes
  • Your health at risk
  • Visit the handycraft shoemaker
  • Your lifestyle and your health increase dramatically
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Buying shoes is a small budget decission and a funny  lifestyle decission. But may be you want also take into account, it is a health care decission as well.

Is that aspect new to you?
Wow, you should keep reading on in this section. You will find our motivations uncovered here. It is more than shoe passion or making a buck. It is all about YOUR perfect shoes.

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